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Even though a premium metal roof will cost more then most other roofing materials, the savings in the long run are most definite. A metal roof can last forty to fifty years, while asphalt roofs last 15 to 20.

Energy Efficient Layered outside with a high reflectivity like Kynar with "cool roof" pigments generally save 20-30% on air-conditioning costs because it helps to reflect away most of the sunís heat. The coat increases the thermal efficiency of buildings in high temperature areas with its cool-roof paints and high emissive capacity


Benefits of Metal Roofing

The beauty in these roofs is also available in different designs to match other roof categories. Todayís metal roofing looks like other common roofing materials such as slate, cedar shake, clay tile, or asphalt shingles. The duration of a metal roof versus a common roof is twice or three time the duration, and most metal roofs come with a 25 to 50 years warranty.

Benefits of Metal Roofing in Texas

Other benefits of having a metal roof include the fact that it increases the value of your home in some states like Texas, and it lowers the cost of home owners insurance.


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